Audio Research from Canada to Minnesota

I would like to know if anyone in Canada has sent an item to ARC for retubing,etc. My VT130-SE is 15 yrs. old and I want it "refreshed" so to speak by ARC techies. There does'nt seem to be anyone capable in Montreal.
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Hi, there was a good tech who used to work at Filtronique many years ago (Guy Trepanier).

Not sure what you want to have done. Complete upgrade or only changing tubes.

If you want to upgrade them i would not send to ARC as they will not perform custom mods.

The best ARC "modder" in the world is Steve Huntley at Great Northern Sound. He has modded many of my ARC gear over the years (LS16, PH3SE, Classic 120's, Ref2 MKI, Ref Phono and most recently a DAC7).

Give him a call. 651-351-5355 or look up his website. He's a great guy. He's in Stillwater MN. Not too far from ARC actually. Tell him Sly sent you.
Give Coup De Foudre in Montreal a call. They have one of the very best technicians on site. You would have to speak
with them regarding ARC, but worth your phone call.