Audio Research Foundation Series

Hello Folks,

I am wondering if anyone can share their experiences with Ref 6 or LS28.  I like the new look, it's growing on me and I have been waiting on LS28 before I can make up my mind. Just at half the price of Ref 6, one can't help wonder how good it would sound or get close to delivering the sonics of Ref 6.  

My other consideration is BAT VK-53SE but it's just as expensive as Ref 6.  And frankly, I like the looks of Ref 6 or LS28 better than BAT. Having said that, looks is only secondary, what's inside the chassis matters the most :-)

Thank you for your time! 
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Check the attention to detail in this video. It may help with your decision.
Thanks, I enjoyed the video.  Let's hope to hear from folks who own a Ref6 or planning to purchase a LS28. 

Have you considered the Ayre pre....
Which one you're referring to, KX-R or KX-5? 
Reviving this thread from the dead...

Just had the opportunity to listen to the LS-28 pre and VT-80 amp powering Focal Sopra 3’s. No special cabling and the feed was Tidal from an iPad headphone out (seriously...).

Simply outstanding soundstage (breadth and depth) and incredible detail. I’ve heard systems (in dealer showrooms that were well set up) costing an order of magnitude more that would maybe eclipse this setup by a few percent. It was really, really good. Shockingly good for the price point. I can’t say how much was the AR gear and how much was the Focals, but I’m sold on the setup. I can't imagine what the system could do with better source material and a better DAC. 

I strongly recommend a listen if you’re in the market for a new pre and/or amp.
Just as an aside and contrary to general expectations, playing Tidal HiFi through an ipad or iphone headphone jack sounds real good. I do that a lot when visiting new friends some with systems much better than mine and just take my adapter cable - minijack to stereo RCA, and plug it in right into their preamp. The look on their faces is priceless...and most sign up for the subscription after I leave.
iPhone or iPad analog audio out is pretty good considering the price point.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I do own the LS28/VT-80 along with DAC9 and concur with your assessment. IMO, Foundation series hits all the right notes and then some.....I am very happy with my purchase.  

Hi, have you considered PrimaLuna? They make a preamp and an amp tubed equipment. Kevin at UpScaleAudio just completed a blind listening test using PL gear against Audio Research. The PL won. The gear is half the price of the AR. The build quality of the PL is incredible with the parts they use. They can put better parts inside because they have cheaper labor costs and overhead than AR. Check out Kevin's videos on YouTube where he compares PL to AR from the inside. You will be impressed. Check out my thread where this is being discussed right now. I currently own Audio Research amp and preamp. I agree that the AR foundation equipment sounds really good. No question there. It's just you can get that same sound quality for half the price.In fact, the PL gear might even be as good sounding as the AR Reference 5SE or 6 model. Kevin may do a blind test using that comparison soon. Good luck.