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Hello Folks,

I am wondering if anyone can share their experiences with Ref 6 or LS28.  I like the new look, it's growing on me and I have been waiting on LS28 before I can make up my mind. Just at half the price of Ref 6, one can't help wonder how good it would sound or get close to delivering the sonics of Ref 6.  

My other consideration is BAT VK-53SE but it's just as expensive as Ref 6.  And frankly, I like the looks of Ref 6 or LS28 better than BAT. Having said that, looks is only secondary, what's inside the chassis matters the most :-)

Thank you for your time! 
lalitk ...

Check the attention to detail in this video. It may help with your decision.
Thanks, I enjoyed the video.  Let's hope to hear from folks who own a Ref6 or planning to purchase a LS28. 

Have you considered the Ayre pre....
Which one you're referring to, KX-R or KX-5?