Audio Research dsi200 questions

I am a bit puzzelled, I bought a new dsi200 a couple of weeks ago and in the burn in process I discovered a thing or two rather unexpected...The first one: when I turn the amp off and the cd player still plays I continue to hear the music in the speakers for about 4-5 seconds at a pretty low volume!
The second one: using the balance function works well at low volume, say up to 15,20 on the display, after that value the separation sucks, I mean it vanishes!
I called the dealer for the first issue - he says it's normal! I find it quite bizarre since I also owe an Sonus Faber Musica at a third of the dsi200 price with none of the above issues! Further more it doesn't seem like the missing link in my system (Unison Research Unico CDE, Sonus Faber Stradivari, Yter speaker and interlink cables).
Is there anybody with dsi200 who can confirm or not the above described amp particularities?
Thanks in advance!
The reason you are still hearing sound after the unit is off, is because the big capacitors are still draining off. I have a Sanders ESL amp that will play for almost a minute after turn-off!

I've had many, many amps that do the same thing. The bigger the caps the longer it will take to drain off. This is normal.

Not sure about your balance question. Maybe call ARC and ask.
Thanks Mofimadness, I will bother the dealer with the remaining issue...I was hoping to find some dsi200 owners in order to share en exchange info with...
I have owned a DSI200 for two years..I have had zero issues with it. Your unit is defective period.
Goldenear1948, How is the OP's unit defective?
Contact Kalvin at Audio Research and ask him.....
Hi Hifigeek1, could you please pass me Kalvin's email address, I am not able to find any ARC contact address...Thanks
ARC does not do e-mail, they never have. You will need to call.

ARC Customer Service (763-577-9700).
Many thanks Hifigeek1, Kalvin has been very helpful.