Audio Research - DAC9

Hello folks,

I am wondering if anyone here lucky enough to experience the ARC new foundation series components. I am only interested in hearing first hand experience from the owners of DAC 9 and LS28.  

Lack of ARC dealer in my area and online professional reviews makes it bit hard to pull the plug on these components. 

Thank you for your time.  

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I have spoken to ARC and they are working on the 'fix' and hopefully have a solution out by September this year.  

@erik_squires,  thank you for the suggestion on Mytek. I love the 'house' sound of ARC so I will hang tight for a while.  For now, I am quite content listening Tidal HI-FI streaming through DAC9's AES/EBU input :-)
Another one to add is the Playback Design Merlot DAC, will play ALL PCM and DSD. DSD is native.
@vhiner , Great review, thank you for sharing. 
Great thread.

Question: Will a DAC9 play music files fed it from a Bryston BDP-2 (Linux-based player)? Flac mostly. Out from AES of BDP-2.

Tried emailing ARC, but they never replied.