Audio Research DAC8: any end user feedback???

Hi Guys, I am seriously considering Audio Research´s Dac8, I have seen much feedback and comments from Computer Audiophile forum, but very little in this forum, and it´s been sometime since the product introduction.
Any users with feedback?
I have an Audio Research DAC8 and I have built a music server. This has turned into an interesting project. I really am starting to like the ease of using the music server. All your music at your finger tips. I still have a ways to go.
I tested the DAC8 at my buddies with his Esoteric P03 transport. Up sampling the P03 transport to 176.1 produced the best sound I have heard from the DAC8. We were using Purist Dominus Praesto Interconnects and Purist Audio Anniversary AES/EBU cable.
My cousin owns it.
After a couple of hours of warm up, it sounded terrific! detailed, with solid bass and good soundstage.