Audio Research DAC8: any end user feedback???

Hi Guys, I am seriously considering Audio Research´s Dac8, I have seen much feedback and comments from Computer Audiophile forum, but very little in this forum, and it´s been sometime since the product introduction.
Any users with feedback?
The Dac8 has a very distinct sound; I can only describe it as cohesive and "organic" with a forward presentation. It is very detailed and with an excellent sound stage but not quite the same as the Berkeley Alpha Dac, especially on the lower end. Depending on the music it feels very "true" and represents live sound very well. I would say it also depends on the synergy with the equipment you use. It is true that some people love its sound right away while others would prefer other dacs; but as always in high end, differences are subtle. One of the Dac8's advantage is the asynchronous USB input that can be directly used from the computer/ iTunes (AR includes software for this) but input bit rates going out from the computer need to be changed manually unless software such as Pure Music or Amarra is used. Otherwise iTunes would upsample or downsample according to the setting. The unit is solidly built but the black front panel with the green LEDs looks a little cheap. Also, I believe it can't recognize HD CDs that are 20 bit. I recommend listening to it with your system.
I have an Audio Research DAC8 and I have built a music server. This has turned into an interesting project. I really am starting to like the ease of using the music server. All your music at your finger tips. I still have a ways to go.
I tested the DAC8 at my buddies with his Esoteric P03 transport. Up sampling the P03 transport to 176.1 produced the best sound I have heard from the DAC8. We were using Purist Dominus Praesto Interconnects and Purist Audio Anniversary AES/EBU cable.
My cousin owns it.
After a couple of hours of warm up, it sounded terrific! detailed, with solid bass and good soundstage.