Audio Research DAC7


Anybody that has hear the new Audio Research DAC7?

I was thinking about replace my Musical Fidelity KW DAC.

I want the USB option, and use an ARC CD3MKII as transport.
I wonder if the performance is equal to ARC CD7.


No respons, is it to new?
Come on! =)


sorry I have neither a response, but I am interessed too ;-)

today an article in the Audio germany

seems to be very good, but the cinch was defect !!

revival of the D/A Wandler?
because it allows to use a CD transport and a streaming electronic?
I am interested too .. I own a ARC CD3 MK2 and wonder if the DAC is an upgrade to the CD3.

It's seem no one is interested with this dac or those peaple don't write impressions anywhere. 8-(
Have you tried to ask on other sites like Audio Asylum etc?


I just listened to the DAC7 yesterday.

I think it is a great Dac. very analogue and lots of fun. Great musicallity and awesome rythmn and pace!!

I listen to vinyl and the ARC dac7 impressed me quite a bit!!
I have a Dac7. I bought it 3 weeks ago after comparing it to my Cambridge 840C CD player. The Cambridge replaced a Marantz 11S1. I borrowed a Dac7 from a dealer over a couple of weekends, returning it on Mondays. I was pretty certain it would not best my Cambridge, which shoots above its price quite a bit. But the increased resolution, musicality, "flow", ease of hearing the musical "nuances", was much greater for the Dac7. I still think the Cambridge is a great player, but the Dac7 is better. I was using both (aside from CD's) with my Squeezebox Duet also, on both Rhapsody and my PC hard drive based recordings. The Cambridge has 2 digital inputs, so I could compare them. Both were played into a Ref3, Ref110. After a couple of weekends however, I simply could not listen to the Cambridge without the Dac7 attached to it. It is one of those things where the Cambridge was excellent, and loved, until I lived a bit with the Dac7. Then I had to have it. It does require significant break-in, and warm up.
Hello Dbarger,

You say you replaced the 11s1 with Cambridge 840C? Is the 840C more musical than 11s1, which was a darling of Audio Asylum? I heard 11s1 too, excellent, only $3500 at the time (2005). The 11s1 had a fullness that was grounbreaking in my opinion. The 840C must be something special. Thanks for the info!

How do you connect the DAC 7 to you computer or IPOD (do you need the Wadia adapter for that?)

Any more reports on the DAC 7?
January 2009 Hi-Fi News (British mag) has a very positive review of the DAC 7.
oops. DAC 7 reviewed in December 2008 Hi Fi News.
Does anyone know what usb version this dac uses? If its the 2.0 or not
Hello it says "USB: Spec 1.0 to 2.0 16 BIT 32kHz to 48kHz, MAC or PC. " it should be 2.0 then

I own one, I like it alot. I use FOOBAR200 on laptop thru USB.

I am looking for a CD3 as transport.


Well I have (2) DAC 7 's and love the sound, I am streaming music with them.........and am actually looking for another DAC 7....If anyone has one for sale....I also use them with two CD3 I have...I also use the tube DAC 3 with the CD-3........I have a CD-7 also with has its own DAC , with tubes......I actually like the CD-3 with the DAC 3 the best ......And like the DAC 7 for streaming.........Will