Audio Research DAC 7 vs Primare DAC 30

Anyone have an opinion on which of these is better for use with a streamer like the Auralic Aries or for playing with a cd transport. Thank you very much for any feedback.

If you are looking for an all-in-one and enjoy ARC products,
look no further than the CD9. It employs a killer DAC for computer audio/streaming, plus, CD spinner.

I am not sure how the Primare would compare?
Keep me posted & Happy Listening.

Thanks so much. I will look into the ARC CD9. I've never owned any ARC but it is supposed to be great stuff is why I was considering it. Thanks again for the suggestion.

I own both a DAC8 and a CD7. The DAC8 has a USB input, I believe the DAC7 does not. The DAC section of the CD7 is much better than the stand alone DAC8. I use the DAC8 just for computer audio. The DAC 7 and 8 are solid state while the CD7, 8 and 9 are tube. I have not heard the CD9 in my system, I probably should borrow one and compare it to my CD7. As a stand alone player the CD7 is excellent and a bargain used. I listen to a lot of vinyl and the CD7 is very smooth and analog sounding. The CD7 and CD8 do not have digital inputs, just digital outs. The CD9 has both digital input and output which makes it more versatile.


most ARC fans will tell you that the CD7 was the best ever produced, as the newer, CD 9 & CD6 are more tech (featurers) driven to mutli-task.

Still, the OP inquires about Primare and I am very curious to demo the new CD32 spinner. It has received great marks thanks to the new Sanyo drive/laser assembly!

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Lostbears and Jafant thank you very much for your helpful insight and taking the time to respond. I'm putting together a new system (started with Thiel 3.7's) and everyone on Audiogon have been very helpful. Thank you again.
Gasherbaum - I tried to acquire a Primare Phono Stage a while back and got messed around by both the retailer and the Distributor - both in Canada.

Net result - I bought a Simaudio Moon LP5.3RS

Just a note of Caution :-(


you are in for a treat w/ the Thiel CS 3.7. It is very current hungry, so choose your power amp wisely. Thiel are my reference speakers, simply outstanding!

Keep me posted on the other gear in your system & Happy Listening!
Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the advice. Jafant, so far I have the Thiel 3.7's, a Krell FPB 300 amp, a Krell EVO 222 preamp. I am using Cardas balanced inputs and just using my blu ray player right now to play cd's while I figure out what I want to do about a source, which is why I posted this thread. Based on the thread I'm looking at at an ARC dac to use with a laptop (ripped all my music to uncompressed flac) and now looking at a Simaudio Moon 280d with the Mind add on.

I know a lot of people think Krells and Thiels don't match well, but I called Thiel when I bought the 3.7's and they suggested the FPB so I thought I would give that a try. The amp is nice, but I think I may have made a mistake with the preamp (may be listing it here soon), but I will wait and see how it all works when I get the source. I need a source and some speaker cables.

Jafant which Thiel's do you have? I had a pair of 1.2's and 2.3's in the early 90's, which is when I fell in love with Thiel. I was out of audio for a while, and just started getting back into it (wow this whole digital world is a lot to learn).

Hope everyone has a great weekend and a great Thanksgiving if I don't write before then and thanks everyone again for the thoughtful and helpful responses.
Hello Gasherbaum-

I enjoy the Thiel CS 2.4SE the best. if I had the correct space, I would buy the CS 3.7. Krell is a very good match, as well as, Pass Labs for SS duty.

On the Tubey side, ARC, Conrad Johnson & Aesthetix would be a sonic match. Cabling matches are: Audioquest, Audience,
Nordost, Silent Source, Transparent and Wireworld- so you have many choices depending on the gear.

Keep me posted & Happy Thanksgiving!