Audio Research D400 mk2 Caps


Anyone know where  to get the 4 big can Caps?

67,000 mfd 75 volts I think. I cant tell size though.

Audio Research does not repair this amp anymore.

George Meyer could not find them either.

I could replace them in my own time but can't find them.

The amp is running fine but I want them replaced.

The volts measure ok but if left off for.more than a week or so it may zap after charging up.

Protect mode blinks for a second


But stays on ok and sounds Grest.


Thanks George.


Hello George , found second hand at Ebay , brand Cornell Dubilier , seller nri-industrial , North America.

but also new at the company Cornell Dublier , you should only know if they fit in your poweramp 

Good luck 


You can also check Nippon Chemicon KMH series, and Frolyt (Germany) EBH-NV.

Both screw terminals but size may be different.


I would also ask ARC, just in case, to provide me with data of the capacitors used back then or any other information.

But i assume that anything made now days would be superior.