Audio Research D240MKII or ARC D130

Hi fellow Agoner's.....

Looking for advice on which ARC SS amp to use for a second system I am putting together. Just purchased ARC LS1 pre from Agon and wanting to match it with either of the SS amps I mentioned. Anyone who has experience with both and can offer opinions would be appreciated. BTW, is there a big difference between D240 MKI vs D240 MK II? Probably getting Vandersteen 2ce sigs ( It's time for my original 2c's to retire after 20 faithful years!), Audio Physics or Meadowlark speakers as well. Also appreciate recommendations for cost effective(remmeber this is a second system) on IC/speaker cables for above.

I really like my D200 - very similiar to the D240

Ditto with Audiotomb...the D200 does much more right then the other (2) mentioned products...great mids, good speed!
The D400 especially the MkII model is amazing if you make that price jump
I have a D240MKII and it sounds fantastic. I haven't heard a D130 so I can't comment on that. The D240MKII has plenty of power and if it presents any coloration it is slightly towards the warm side of things. Similiar to tubes.