Audio Research D200 or new Rotel 1080

The price is the same for these two amps. Is the Rotel in the same league as the older AR D200? I have a chance to buy a D200 in excellent condition but I am unsure because of its age. Any thoughts? Thank You.
Dear Foodman.
Te only thing I have to say about the ARC D200 is that I thought mine was broken when I first checked it after a trade in. A couple of days warm up did not change that.
The guy who released it from me was hearing sweet hights and a good midrange. Still puzzels me.
I do know that the Rotel products have succeded to crawl from the grey sound of yesteryear, but beware of their balanced inputs. Lousy implementation, and BAAD technique.

I have a D200 - great piece
built like a tank
What is all the fuss about with ARC solid state! Yes they build fine tube products but their ss amps are very good as well. I have tried many brands of ss amplifiers and I find the ARC solid state to sound superb! I currently own a ARC D200 ( also owned the ARC D240) and I love em! It is by far the best sound to date. Only thing to come close in transparency, clarity and detail is the Odyssey Stratos which is also verrry good in it's own right, a superb amp. The differences between these two amps would come down to personal preferences only. ARC ss amps are built to military specifications with military grade parts. You can expect the very best when you buy their products, tube or solid state, period.
Thanks for your responses, I purchased the ARC D200 and I am very happy. I wanted to upgrade my NAD C350 but I didn't think I would get a bang for my buck upgrade by purchasing a $1500.00 integrated. I decided to take it slower and use the pre-outs on my NAD. Next I will be looking for a LS 9, 12 or 15. Any other suggestions would be great! Thanks,Paul
Hi foodman, I am currently using a ARC LS9 with my D200 and it sounds wonderful. Very transparent preamp. The best yet! I'm using both pieces in balanced mode.

if you get the chance an Arc LS5 (all balanced inputs)
it is the most musical preamp this side of the $10k reference II and mates incredibly well with the D200.

Hi Audiotomb, your right! The LS5 is an excellent choice. Although I have not personally heard one yet, I have read nothing but high praise for it's performance. In fact it seems to have set an audio reference standard in which other preamps are compared. I'm not sure it would be a fair to compare a less costly solid state (LS9) to the more expensive tube preamp (LS5). However for a ss preamp, I really enjoyed the LS9 and give it high praise! I compared it's performance to the more expensive Krell KBL and came to the conclusion that it was a toss up, finding more smiliarities than differences. Thad Early was the principle designer of the LS9 and was employed by Krell in the eighties. hmmm. That in my opinion says alot for a ss preamp that costs less than half as much as the Krell. I sold mine only to go to a tube pre and I may purchase the LS5 myself. Anyway I would like to add one more comment on the ARC D200. I wish I would of discovered the ARC D200 amp way earlier because it would of stopped an endless search for the perfect ss power amp. The D200 in my opinion sounds just right, allowing me to hear into the musical landscape like never before, without the solid state nasties. I only wish that this Audio Research site could of been more informative on the attributes and differences of Audio Research gear which would include ARC ss amps. Other opinions would of been very helful and I hope this one is. Many thanks
Audiotomb, I will watch for LS 5's however at this point I am more comfortable with the price range of an LS 15. It depends on how patient I can be. Phd, I've gotten info from calling Audio Rearch directly and Great Northern Sound. Thanks for responding, Paul