Audio Research D-52B Manual?

I am fairly new to high end audio and am used to fixing other types of electronic equipment. I have an Audio Research D-52B amp that does not power on and have not had any luck searching ebay or Google to find a source for a schematic/manual/repair manual, I even checked Sams Photofact to no avail, is there somewhere out there I can get my hands on one of these?
Have you called ARC? Some years ago they had a manual for one of their old tube crossovers I had and didn't even charge anything to send a photocopy. Good luck and listening!

Try contacting Audio Research directly.
Their info can be found under the Manufactures database here on Audiogon
Have you called Audio Research?
Sorry, I was under the impression that AR is not the same company that it was in 1979, but now that I read their "About" page, I see I was wrong. Thanks, it being a long weekend I was hoping to get a jump on a lead, I'll call them on Monday, much appreciated!