Audio Research D-52B: any suggestions for caps?

My old Audio Research D-52B is now considered "End of Life" by the manufacturer. I need to replace some large power supply capacitors (60,000 uF 40V) that are no longer available. While I'm at it I may re-cap my Audio Research SP-6A. I'm not up to date on the state of capacitors and high end manufacturers. Can anyone offer suggestions for replacing old aluminum electrolytic capacitors (e.g. 2200 uF 100V, 200uf 450V, 300uF 300V). Not all are screw mounts. I am the original owner and have the schematics and parts lists for the D-52B and SP-6a/b. I also have MG III b's whose crossovers probably could use re-capping.
The Magnepan crossover uses film capacitors and those probably can go forever. No need for replacement.

For the electrolytics I suggest Sprague or Mallory, they are good brands.

Do a google search for suppliers.
Large value, high voltage computer grade 'lytics are almost next to impossible to get and very, very expensive. The cost would exceed the value of the amp. There are some very good solid state amps out there on the used market that would be an improvement over the D-52. Caps are still available from ARC for the SP-6 although the A version is quite different from the B Version.
"My old Audio Research D-52B is now considered "End of Life" by the manufacturer."

How does it sound? Audio Research is not the company it used to be now that there are new owners. They are not supporting older models anymore and nobody answers the phone there either. One of the original high end audio companies is gone forever.
I used to own a D52 and SP6A with Maggie MG1 speakers

a cap in the 52 went bad within 1 year of buying it new

I always liked the sound of those two together

sorry I can not help you but wanted to share

good luck
I bought my D52B and SP6 in 1979. After 34 years it's possible that ARC cannot easily source the parts you need, I assume you asked ARC? I have spoken with Kalvin numerous times so I am not sure it is fair to generalize about their customer service. The large blue electrolytics are Mallory if memory serves. I thought it was a great amp in its day but a used ARC 100.2 would be a cost effective "in house" substitute.
Thank you all for your responses. Kalvin at ARC, in fact, told me that the D-52b could no longer be serviced by ARC. The large Mallory's are no longer available. In fact no current manufacturer makes the 60,000 uF in a size that fits --- probably why ARC stopped support. As far as the SP-6a, I found the following upgrade report,, that suggests it can be improved considerably -- although it doesn't seem cheap. As for the D-52b, I may just give up on it.