Audio Research Corp Ref 5 SE

Just picked up news on another OP that ARC is upgrading the Ref 5 to an SE version that incorporates some of the technology from the Ref 40. The other OP posted the URL link below. Does anyone have any solid information anout this news development? Has anyone heard the Ref 5 SE? Same rumor about an SE version of the Ref Phono 2?
>>I even asked Calvin if I could keep the old face-plate so my wife wouldn't catch the change. He said nothin' doin'. <<

Chuckle! Maybe you could tape little black square pieces of paper over the metal buttons.

I applaud ARC's business model and their success bears it out.
Anyone know how much the update will cost?
Thanks all for the responses to my question. I am glad to hear the upgrade includes the new look. This will no doubt be my next purchase.
Less than a week and 55 hours later, it's already obvious they've done something special with the SE.

The noise floor seems lowered a fair bit. Where it took me to 50-55 on my old 5 to get some semblance of dynamics, I can now tap happily to the beat and dynamics at 18-20 when I listen late at night. I still listen at 55 during the day so the relative levels appear unchanged.
Where's all the 5SE loving gone? :)