Audio Research Contact.

Can anyone tell me of a way to reach a live person at Audio Research. Keying KAL in Cust. Service using the directory is useless...........he has been away from his desk for six weeks (plus) and voice mails are not answered ?? Help if you can......Thanks.
Try Chris, service tech manager. He generally doesn't take customer inquiries, but under the circumstances he might tell you what's up with Cal.
How's it possible, ARC has a PRETTY website.
It's not easy and I'm sure with the Xmas rush and the CES show early next year it's crazy there. Chris doesn't take customer calls and recommends you contact Kalvin. If you are having a service issue I may be able to help.
Thanks for the prompt reply. I will give Chris a try. It is all about a Ref 5 to 5 SE upgrade; "the list" and just where I am on the list. Happy New Year!
I really miss the days when Leonard was there. He would always take your call and help you out as much as he could.Now they have a machine picking up the phone and you need to leave a message. Good luck getting a call back.
"If you are having a service issue I may be able to help."

For future reference, how can you help?
John, I'm supposed to be #4 on the list. Still no word when the SE upgrade will happen.
So, with the holidays upon us and CES in two weeks you are surprised they aren't answering your call to see where on the damn list you are?

Get real! Everyone knows they are way backlogged on the upgrades, give them a break! They will get to you! They are a great company to deal with, don't fret, enjoy the holidays and let them do the same......
Rrog..I am Authorized Warranty Repair for ARC.
Kenny, if your post was directed to me, be assured, I'm not losing any sleep over the delay. And you don't have to convince me about how great ARC is. I'm a major booster, as most folks who follow my posts already know.

Enjoy the holidays!
Did you not know that direct talking to real people is strictly forbidden under the laws and regulations of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
Taters, +1. Leonard was a wonderful representative for ARC, a true audiophile.

I have a technical question re: Ref 210s. I have 1625 hrs on the tubes. Over the past couple of the months the sound has become quite anemic and univolving. Dynamics, soundstaging, and bass response are sig reduced compared with what they normally are. I suspect it's the tubes in the 210s. Is it normal to need to replace them at 1600 hrs? I don't drive the amps hard at all. I'd like to have some reassurance that this is expected before I think about buying new tubes. Thanks for any advice you can offer.
Spoke to Kal last week. Left him a message during the morning and he called me back after business hours. Maybe a little overwhelmed in the new ARC/Wadia and other Fine Sounds issues setting. He now answers phone with a greeting referencing all 3. Call him again and see what happens. The guy is a gem. is possible that your tubes are tired and need to be replaced. I've seen instances where a tube may arc after 1500 hrs. It happens. My suggestion is to replace the tubes. It beats having a tube arc over on you and having to have someone like me replace the resistors and check that all the voltages are okay. If your Ref210's have lost that lovin' feeling, it's time. When the tubes are new I put my tube tester measurement numbers on the tubes. When it comes back in I test them again to see how much the tubes have lost. I don't know if you will also need to replace the front end tubes and drivers. I would consult your owners manual for that info. ARC is mad crazy right now. I just ordered VTM200 tube sets for my customer whose amps I just repaired. I hope they can ship to me tomorrow. Be advised that unless you sent your Ref210's back to ARC for the KT 120 update, you can only use the 6550WE's. They no longer have Winged "C" output tubes as the factory burned down. The 6550WE's are excellent sounding tubes.
Gary (Hifigeek), responding to your 12/26 post above. I was able to get through to Chris on Thursday and asked him what was going on with Kal and the telephone situation. Chris was very apologetic, but explained it was a management issue -- unrelated to Kal or him. As you probably know, ARC was purchased by a foreign investor a little while back and since that time, new management has reorganzied how the combined ARC/Wadia team interfaces with the public.

In short, Kal and Chris are working double duty handling BOTH ARC and Wadia matters. I sent Kal a very nice note suggesting that he and the other legacy ARC guys pass a message to management from the field (the us'es) that we miss the attention and service that ARC was known for. Of course, I let Kal know that he still has many loyal fans (like me), but we would sure appreciate a return to the old ARC.

In the meantime, Kal said he would take part and tube order via e mail, and also try to answer service related questions that way too. Payments are now handled by a secure web based set-up. I just bought 2 6550 WE tubes for my Ref CD-8 and PH-8 power supplies. It'll be interesting to see how it works out.

Hopefully, new management will get with the program and let Kal do what he always did so well -- talk live with ARC's loyal customers.
I suppose you can also purchase parts through me and ask me questions as long as long as I don't get deluged with them. Since CES is next week, Chris will not be at the factory. The same Italian Corporation also purchased McIntosh as well as owning Sonus Faber. Just so you know I have received emails from Kal at 10PM his time, and he doesn't receive overtime.
Thanks for the offer Gary (Hifigeek). I'm quite flattered. I promise NOT to bug you with questions.

I sure hope the Italian company doesn't burn out our ARC friends. It's hard to overstate the importance of the personal touch in our hobby -- and folks like Leonard and Kal don't come around that often. I can't even imagine how poor Chris is managing. Maybe if enough customers and ARC tech guys like you let the new bosses know how the "new" approach is being received in the field, we may get some positive change -- or better still, "unchange."
Unfortunately, I'm sure I could complain till I'm blue in the face. It wouldn't matter.
Back when it was owned by Johnson, ARC's profits merely needed to provide for its employees, its founder and family, and have enough left over to re-invest in the business.

Do ya think that's enough for investors who have no interest in ARC other than as an investment?

I don't know the story, but its too bad the senior employees didn't band together and purchase ARC from Johnson when he retired.
The same Italian Corporation also purchased McIntosh as well as owning Sonus Faber. Just so you know

Well, isn't that interesting! That is the same two companies that have generated so much ill will in the secondary (used) market of late. It doesn't look promising for ARC owners.
You forgot Wadia Digital.