Audio Research CDT-1 vs CD-2 as transport

I have an Audio Research CDT-1 cd transport. I love the sound but the unit will not pass HDCD signals to my D/A converter. I called A.R. and they confirmed that the newer version of the CDT-1 will not pass the HDCD signal. They informed me that I would need to purchase a CD-2 which will accommodate the signal (CD player used as a transport).

Does anybody have any familiarity with the CDT-1 vs the CD-2 used as a transport. Like I said, I love what I'm hearing from the CDT but I do not want to sacrifice sound quality of standard CD for the ability to play HDCD discs with the purchase of a CD-2 as transport. As a CD "player" I have heard the CD-2 is top shelf.

Audio Research CDT-1
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