Audio Research CD6

I have been following an ARC CDP upgrade path for some years. CD2, CD3, CD3mkll, and currently CD5. I was excited to see upcoming CD6 until I saw the price and realized it has many features that are of no use to me. I was used to the slight price increase and nice improvement in performance, not this 50% increase and philosophy change. No complaints, it's their company and I'm still happy with CD5. I am curious though in what directions former ARC CD Player users are looking now that the former ARC upgrade path is no longer available. Thanks.
Jl ... I started a thread some time ago about the same issue.

I own the ARC Ref CD-8, which has a similar circuit topology and uses the same DAC as the CD-5. I have little or no interest ... yet ... in the DAC features of the CD-6 or Ref CD-9.

The question I asked in my thread was whether the CD-6/9 redbook CD performance was significantly better than the the CD-5/8. So far, I haven't gotten many comments back. So I'm glad you picked the issue up again.

My thought is that if I want to explore DAC applications later on, I don't need to drop a small fortune now on making an investment in the CD-6/9. There are other less expensive paths to take.

So having said all of this, I renew my question -- does the CD-6/9 do a better job with just redbook CD playback than the CD-5/8??
Bruce - You might want to check out the forums at if you have not already done that. There is an active ARC forum there with lots of ARC owners.
DSD now seems all the rage and the way of the future.

The ARC players and DACs don't do DSD.

I have a CD7 and I'm as pleased as punch and I have no plans to upgrade any time soon. However, should I upgrade to another ARC cd player, its DAC had better have DSD capability.