Audio Research CD3

Anyone hear the new arc cd3 yet? I've been searching for reviews, but can't find anything so far.
It is already obsolete, in my opinion. Don't get me wrong, I dig their take on supporting the redbook format, but GamuT beat them to the puch. BIG time (5.6 mHz)!
The answer will be in the sound and not the numbers!
The CD2 is my favorite-sounding CD player. Before that, it was the CD1. I can only assume that the CD3 is even better than the CD2. If only I could afford an Audio Research CD player with my NAD budget ...
Sounds Awesome!!! Much better than the CD2 / DAC3MKII. They state this in their ad, but it is true... In fact, this player approaches the performance of the Linn CD-12...
Det er allerede foreldetetter min mening.

The British magazine HiFi News did a review of the CD-3 in the Feb issue. Ken Kessler was the reviewer, bottom line,
he really liked it.

Thanks guys, as always there are different views. I do agree however that the sound and not the measurements is what counts. I'm sorry I can't understand Gthrush1, can anyone translate?
Sounds Fantastic(after about 300 hrs.of burn-in)ARC recommends a 2 week burn-in period.Wide,wide stage,slamming big well defined bass and a nice sweet treble.Blew away my previous rig,alpha/delta combo(of course) sounds like an Oracle cdp.It is one of those cdp's that will improve a bad sounding cd but only up to a certain point,in other words it's very revealing,no sonic signature ,if the cd's great you'l hear it!
I have never seen a used CD-3 on Audiogon. That probably means people are holding on to them. Must be a reason.