Audio Research CD2:anybody had the same problems?

I bought this player in 1998 after reading review in Stereophile.I wasn't blown away by it's sound (too laid back and lacks bass) and started using it as a transport feeding CAL Alpha.After 3 years i again plugged in its analog outputs and realized that something is wrong.It sounds like a microphone overload with a music playing very low in the background.Any idea what it might be?
Also,the cd tray makes noise during open/close as if it needs lube bad.What should i use to lube it and where to put it?AR customer service (a lady) wasn't helpful at all and was very annoyed when i asked if i can upgrade to CD3.
"No sir,you can't.Anything else?"
That does not sound like the ARC service I know of. I always found them very helpful and polite. Maybe someone had a bad day? Anyway, call back and ask for Leonard or Chris in the Tech department...they will help you.
I agree. That doesn't sound like their service department. You must have gotten someone who was having a bad day. I sent my LS16 in because a couple of the volume lights were too dim. They fixed them, and checked my tubes (just for the heck of it I guess, because I did not have any problem with them). They ended up replaceing all four of the tubes at no charge. Over and beyond the call of duty in my eyes. Like Ig40 said, call back and give it another try.