Audio Research CD 8

Hi there
Thinking of upgrading from my Cd3 Mk ii to the Cd 8. Any comments from current users about the unit.
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This is not a direct answer to your question but rather a suggestion for your consideration. I own the CD7 and love it. I have heard the CD8 and yes, it is better overall but not enough so for me to make the change. I would suggest that you consider auditioning the Naim HDX. It sells for $8250 versus $10000 for the CD8 and more importantly, IMHO, the Naim HDX is not only significantly better than the CD8, it is quite simply the best digital source I have heard, even better than the Scarlatti. If the Naim HDX had been available when I auditioned and bought the CD7, I would now own the HDX rather than the CD7. Eventually I intend to get a Naim HDX and that will be my primary digital source in my reference system.

For the money you are considering spending, it would be worthwhile to audition the Naim HDX. If you have not heard this source I believe you will be astounded. I was.

Good luck!
Hi 4musica44107
I never even considered Naim. What impressed you about the unit?

To sum it up, the Naim HDX is very, very close to the sound quality of an expensive vinyl front end. I listen to vinyl more than CD for several reasons, and vinyl's richer, fuller, more musical sound is right at the top of the list. The Naim HDX has narrowed the gap between digital and vinyl more than I ever thought possible.

Aside from its phenomenal sound qualities, the HDX is a sleek-looking unit that is extremely easy to use. The basic unit at $8250 is a one-box solution that includes a very good DAC. And there are upgrade paths for those with deeper pockets. (Aren't there always?!) You can bypass the internal DAC and use it with a better seperate Naim or other DAC. And there are two Naim external power supply options ($5000 and $8000) that also further improve the sound quality.

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Thanks Steven. We have a Naim dealer in town. I'll have to pay him a visit.

Let me/us know your reaction to hearing the Naim HDX!
I hear the Naim HDX ,(really),not 100% in the best condition.and much more the ARC cd8.Maybe is not true 100% what I will to say,but you may consider this,(lyke a ARC cd3 ovner)....This cd-players about you speack here is categoric in two diferent league.
I must admit ,a source can sound better lyke another in diferent sistems,even this is not so good lyke another,this happened becouse the sinergy of the components,room acustic...
I write this becouse I cannot stay when I read this topic, my mind the CD7,8 players is on years of light better like HDX,(I must say the sound of internal hard disk of naim HDX is not usefool compared with the original suport from where was mad the recording,....but he is a good choose to them who have not real CD.SACD,XRCD,K2-HD,...and he have from where take to record this).
BUT!!! We speack here ,when we speack of Audio Research CD8,(I think/hope),of a true high end sistems,not of a recording station.
PS.I really don't whant to undermine the Naim HDX, is a very good cd player/recorder who sound very good, another class lyke CD2....8)
i love reading - Puiutu62 - not that i understood a word he said
I think he likes the ARC 8 over the Naim
This line from Puiutu62 sums it up -
in my mind the CD7,8 players is on years of light better like HDX

Although I have a feeling he meant to write the CD7,8 players are light years better than the HDX.

I have listened to the CD7 and yes, it does sound a lot like a good vinyl setup.