Audio Research CD-2, any still using, or feedback on your experience.

On my journey of far too many components, one that is fondly remembered is the ARC CD-2.  Would appreciate any feedback you can give on your experience with this unit.  I know it is dated, but so am I. 

Owned one when it first came out and recall it was a nice player but maybe overpriced a bit. Don’t remember that well but it was a little on the warmer side, non fatiguing player for sure. Felt at the same time the Arcam 9 CD Ring DAC was a better player for a lot less money. The Arcam was more resolving, faster, more controlled and etc. and just as smooth. The CD-2 had a short life as the CD-3 overlapped it during its run? It was a nice player and if one still has one I’m sure it still makes wonderful music. They seem to hold a decent price or at least what people are asking, but that being said for what they go far I’m sure one can buy something newer that will probably be more refined. They don’t come up often so hold on to it or sell for a decent number.
I owned one and thought it was excellent.  It began to develop an irregularity in the mechanical operation of the CD drawer.  It still worked but I was concerned about parts availability if it would fail.  I eventually sold it.  I always thought if I bought another ARC player, I would move up at least to the CD 3, because they used a top loading drawer, unlike the CD 2.  They sound great, worth the money on the used market.
I had wondered about the DAC it used.  I had a Classe 1 which used an ultranalog dac that was very good.