Audio Research CD-1 vs Rega Planet original

I am considering an upgrade of my present CD player to either the Rega Planet (original model) or the Audio Research CD-1 for about the same amount. do any of you folks have any experience w/these 2 machines?
All I can say is, "I still have my original Planet". It plays MUSIC. Wide Thick Lush. If you want to hear every last guitar string squeek, the piano's foot pedal's thud, or the the drummer's grunt's -- the original Planet is not for you. If you want the MUSIC over the noise, go for it.
I know this is an older thread but I recently picked up a Audio Research CD-1. The Rega vs the Audio Research CD-1 is a no contest. I demo'ed both units and the CD-1 is far superior. Greater resolution without glare, superb well defined bass and a soundstage and image that are spectacular.