Audio Research ARC Ref 5 versions?

Would anyone know if, apart of the obvious SE version, there were differences between earlier units of the Ref 5 and more recent ones?
If so, when was the "cut" between earlier and recent?
Other than Ref 5SE replacing Ref 5, I believe Ref 5 has only one iteration with same parts throughout.
thanks Gpgr4blu, this is also what the guys at ARC say.
I think I'm going to go for one...
I just received a Ref 5SE. It is a wonderful unit. Much better than the LS27 it replaced; and, I was very happy with the LS.

When is the mythical SE version supposed to come out?

The SE is shipping now.
I hope the new version is much better. Musically the LS27 bettered the ref 5, which I've never wanted to post til they either improved or deleted the 5.
Good to hear it's a winner.
It is unbelieveable if some said that ls27 is "better" than ref5, after all they're in different clads
Indeed the 5SE is already shipping. I've had mine for a bit over 1 week. It only took 2 weeks to get it after I ordered it.

At this point, I'm up to 65 hrs. It continues to get better.

My understanding is that the reason for the REF5-SE is that ARC realized that the LS27 was so close to the performance level of the REF5, they were prompted to introduce the SE version. It makes really want to trade up my LS26, as soon as I can build up the funds.

The Ref 5SE is much better than the LS27. I replaced the LS with the Ref. I can tell you that the difference is not subtle. BTW, I was a very happy owner of the LS.

Good to hear, Mike. I was sure hoping so.
Now with the LS 27 and newer ref5 se, ARC preamps are again at the top of the heap.
Have fun!
Does anyone know if Ref 5 will be upgradeable to SE and if so, at what cost?

It is indeed. Contact ARC.
Neal, do you live in the US?

If not, you also need to factor in shipping.
Ritmo did you have a Ref5 or did you make the jump from the LS27 to the Ref5SE? And I want to clarify, I was not knocking the LS27. I have an LS26 and am very happy with it, but the LS27 is in my crosshairs. The Ref5SE is not in my budget unless I wait for a used one. I think that between the LS17SE,LS27 and REF5SE as mentioned Audio Research is the one to beat.
I don't own a Ref 5 but think about it. Live in US. Will check with ARC on upgrade cost. Might be worthwhile to get a used Ref 5 and then upgrade. That is if I become convinced it exceeds SQ of my noble Wyetech Opal, which would be a major accomplishment.