Audio Research and Meadowlark?

Does anyone have experience with combining Audio Research components with Meadowlark speakers? Specifically, I have bought Shearwater Hot Rods, and wonder whether the VS55i
might be a winning amp. Music choices far-ranging, from small chamber and voice to jazz, rock, opera. Room approx 17 x 21,
cathedral ceiling to about 13 feet, with alcove about 9 x 10 . Would
a larger amp/preamp combo be a significant improvement in this
setting? It is hard to test these components together, so I would
appreciate any feedback, as I am building a system from scratch,
have always loved AR sound. Thanks
I haven't owned either component you mention, however I am quite familiar with the AR tube amps and have owned a few Meadowlarks and still do- I would imagine that would be a quite musical combination.
I started out with AR many years ago and have kept current as to the changes they have gone through, I also have had BAT VK-150se monoblocks and a VK-51se preamp... One word


The 350-A amp has been reviewed as the finest amp made at any price by every reviewer who has had their hands on one. The 21-A preamp at $2500 is way more dynamic than the $9500 BAT.

I've had all of the Meadowlarks through Nightingales and can tell you that the Belles is as good as it gets, for a better match with Shearwaters there is a new 150-Reference amp at $2500 that is as good as the 350-A but puts out less power.

For wire you want the best in neutral transparency which is JPS or Audience

Meadowlark often exhibits at shows with Rogue. Having heard both ARC and Rogue (although not with Meadowlark), I think that it would be a fine match.