Audio Research and Acme Audio Labs fuse

I’m toying with the idea of going down the rabbit hole of upgraded fuses.  Looking over the usual contenders I stumbled across Acme Audio Labs. Their philosophy of best bang for the buck certainly appeals to my wallet (@$20 a fuse).  One caveat, however, is they warn that their fuses aren’t for all components.  Specifically gear with “no inrush protection“ will cause their fuse to blow prematurely.  So my question to those reading this: 1) Any experience with Acme Audio Lab fuses, 2) do they “play well” with ARC, and 3) does ARC gear typically have inrush protection?  I’ll be experimenting with the fuses of a LS 27, PH 7, and a pair of VT 150 mono amps.

Myself and friends  tested fuses, cheap buzz fuses ,including Acme fuses can vary up to 15+% of the rated value ,premium fuses much more accurate within 1-2%  , I use slightly bigger 
under 1/4 amp difference in a premium fuse at most 
Time fuses have less chance of blowing on start up .
For those who think power cords do not impact sound, check out Part 2 of Michael Fremer's tour of the ARC facility where in the main listening room ARC uses Shunyata power cords for front end components. I use them on my Ref 160s and my ARC front end components. They make a big difference. 
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50 year audio veteran: We have set up a professional "blind test" asking this same question about fuses and it made no difference! A hundred audio professionals could not hear any differences. Many were embarrassed to admit the old snake oil sales pitch....... Most walked away with their tale between their legs.... If you want gold fuses, buy a can of  Gold spray paint.