Audio Research Analog Modules

Please- I'm looking for AM1 and AM2's or equivalent parts to repair a Audio Research D100B. AR says they are no longer available.

Are you still searching for the AM1 and AM2 modules? I am parting out a D350B power amp and have some available.
Jim Blumenfeld
Hello there
Have you always available modules AM-1 and AM-2
I would also check the main filter caps on that unit to make sure they aren't leaking. Some amps of that era were prone to it. Also check the emitter resistors on the board that feeds the outputs for cracks or open resistors.
Hello ! Are you still have the analog module AM1 and AM2. I need one of each. Please email me Thank you !
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I also unfortunately had to part out a D-350B recently. I have 2 of each module. I don't know if they are any good and I don't know how to test them, but I will help someone out if you need them. They are still on the board, so I can mail someone the whole board. Contact me if you can use them.