Audio Research Amps with Dynaudio speakers?

Today I heard the Dynaudio Confidence C1 Platinum speakers and was quite impressed.  I recently moved to a smaller space and downsized from separates to an Audio Research VSi 75 integrated.  Nice sounding amp, but it might not match up so well with my Dali Euphonia MS 4s (which probably need more room to breathe anyway).
I suspect the C1s would work much better in the room....but does anyone have any experience with ARC amps and Dynaudio speakers?
Many thanks,

When I owned the C1 and later the C1 Sig's I had no problem using an Octave V70se and later a V110. I would think it would be a great match.
Belated thanks for your response.  Life is interfering with audio..... I'm just going to have to bring a pair home for an audition.  I'll let you know the outcome.
IMO solid state works better...Pass labs and Plinius would be the  first two Id try
Audio Research makes gear in the top rankings for me.  This would be a good match.
I use a Rowland Concentra, and Audio Research cd9 with my C1's.

Sounds heavenly!