Audio Research A100?

Have any of you ever used/ heard the Audio Research A100? what can you tell me about it and its sound characteristics?

How does it compare to an Audio Research D130?



NHT2.5i mains
Rotel Rcd 971 cdp (transport)
MSB Half Nelson Link III
Audio Research LS 3Br preamp

I want to tame the tweeters, control the bass and get some good midrange presence (which is a bit recessed with these speakers) without making the sound rolled off or lifeless. Dimensionality and air is very important to me.


I think a screw in my head came
I believe you are referring to the ARC 100.2 power amplifier not A100. The 100.2 is a better amp than the D-130. It has significantly better bass control, dynamics and frequency extension; however, I felt it was bettered by the Ayre V-3 power amplifier which is my current reference (more air, more refined musically, with better midrange and top to bottom balance).
try a good old D-100A .