Audio Research a good match?

I am considering the purchase of an Audio Research VT100 Mk II to drive a pair of Magnaplanar 3.6 R speakers, with a Wadia 850 CD player as the source component. Is this a good match? Is their a better one for about the same price? Just how good is the Audio Research VT100 Mk II? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Thanks for your help.
If I remember correctly, Stereophile had a blurb about the VT-100 mkII in comparison to the VT-200 amp. Check the Stereophile website to find out which issue it was reviewed in. I know from auditioning that the VT-100 mkII is a very fine amplifier. If I were considering tubes, this would be on my short list for sure. It can defineately drive the Maggies.
I had a VT-60 on the MG-1 Maggies -- not enough power, but the VT-100 Powered them wonderfully. Unfortunately, I do not have the maggies any more (due to wife constraints), but I still am enjoying the VT100. The only draw backs I can see are the tube replacements at ~$500 every 2500 hours, and the heat of a tube amp. Sound and reliability have been flawless for 4 years (one tube change at an estimated 2500 hrs). I am going to send my amp in for the MK II update this summer. I have heard the MK II in my system and it is a wonderful update (My audio dealer was trying to get me to trade my VT100 for a new one at tube change time, but instead I rooked him out of a two week audition of the MK II). I think you will be very happy with the maggie / VT100MKII combo.
I auditioned a pair of dunlavy athenas with the ARC VT100 MKII and a wadia 850 run direct into the amp. The room was well treated with about a dozen floor to ceiling asc traps. I never have heard anything so good before or since. Sound stage definition was very precise. I compared the ARC to a Pass Labs Aleph (i think it was a 2) and the ARC was everybit as good in the bass and much smoother in the top without giving up any extension. I was going to buy the ARC until i found a great deal on some VTL monoblocks. The ARC may be a little more open sounding than the VTL (or it may have been the to get me one of those!). You can't go wrong with the VT100
I actually heard this combination a few months ago at a dealer location in Austin,Tx. Fabulous midrange with good bass extension (perhaps not quite on par with the Dunlavy SC-5).I personally believe that the ARC VT100 MKII is one of the better values in high-end audio.
I owned a VT100MK2 and I own a Wadia 16 and Maggie 3.5's. I will tell you that it did sound good, but I will tell you that the Bryston 7bst's sounded alot better with the Maggie 3.5's on the low end and High for about the same cost.
yes the vt100 mkii is a great amp,but on maggies i'm not so sure. we,ve played around at my dealers and anytime you try to get any voloume out of the 3.6's the amp if you really want to drive the maggies,find a pair of m-300's[audio research-of course] and they'll totally control these speakers.some of the finest amps a/r ever made. you can find them on the net for 3200.00-4000.00 and with new tubes[800.00] they'll cost about the same as a reallity these amps will blow you away and make a fool out of anything except in the ref 300-600 catagory.