Audio Research 610T

I need help, my left amps running problem.
Turned on Standby mode , a minute later found breaker trip.
Reset breaker , power on and found my speaker humming , check V2 section all tubes glowing very strongly across the plate - very blueish ,
check bias V2- 0,
check bias on all V2 tubes, v4,v6,v8,v10,v12,v14,v16  and so on all read 120.
V1 ok.
I replaced V18 with new tube , same problem.
Need advise , thanks.
I have to call ARC on Monday.
Well, i found out the problem was a PRC SM186 1.0 resistor beside the V2 6550c, blown out, checked both fuses 2 and 4 amps OK.
I cannot find any seller for the resistor , probably will need to order from ARC, which i think is better. I wonder is there other issue , or what should i check for after replacing this resistor.
Jeez...big amps, big problems.
Tube amps sound wonderful but i dumped them 20 yrs ago as i could not deal with all the problems,Enjoy!

 Usually a blown resistor is caused by a bad tube. I would also check the tubes. Your ARC dealer probably has spare resistor on hand.

Damn, can you imagine what is must cost to ship a 610T ?!
Damn, can you imagine what is must cost to ship a 610T ?!
Can't play if you can't pay!

GL csng1!

Big amps, but this problem is not a huge problem.  A fried resistor and maybe a failing tube took it out.  Personally, if it were me (and I am capable for diagnosing and repairing this type of equipment), I would find a local authorized Audio Research Repair facility and take both amp in for repair/checkup.

In LA, there are a places and people authorized by Audio Research. You don't necessarily have to ship the amp all the way back to Audio Research.

Part fail.  it is a fact of life for mechanical and electrical devices.  but, it isn't the end of the world.


Another good reason to have a back up amp. 

Just in case.

Thanks Guys, i could solder the resistor in no big deal, but finding the part is , i waiting for ARC to reply as regards to the part, i need PRC SM186 1.0 - 4 wires there is another small resistor soldered together with the PRC SM186.
Yes , i do have back up amp that is my old Krell FPB600. Have it fo rover 15 years never fail ,well ARC is my first power tube amp, for the sound i don't mind the trouble unless i have the $$$ to get the Pass labs XS300 or 150. living with 610T for 9 months now, i ready love it so is my wife. I even bought 36 spares 6550sed c winged before it when out of stock. So plenty of tubes for another many years to come. So is my Aesthetix Callisto eclipse and IO sgn. time to time very little problem, all tubes bounce to have problem.
Anyone knows where to get parts? i should buy 10 for spare
well ARC is my first power tube amp, for the sound i don't mind the trouble unless i have the $$$ to get the Pass labs XS300
I actually saw a pair of used 610T´s in a store here in Sweden, the owner replaced them with the Pass XS300.

I would bring the amp to you local ARC dealer. Even if you did not buy the amps from him he is still your dealer. He probably has resistors and other small parts on hand. He may fix the problem for free just to show some good will. Hoping you will buy from him in the future.

I had a similar problem and needed to replace a couple of resistors when I blew a tube. I called ARC, as I have done so many times in the past 30 years. They told me I needed to send them an email. I remember when they wouldn’t use email. After over a week of waiting they replied to my email. "You need to go through your dealer for parts". That was it! No help at all. The service department is not what it once was under Leonard or even Kalvin. I remember a time when Leonard would toss a couple resistors in an envelope and send them to you no charge.

My dealer had the resistors and replaced the parts while I went and had lunch. So it all worked out in the end.

ARC service dept, definitely is very slow in replying cannot reach them on phone, Aesthetix is great company , no problem calling them at all, i am trying to buy the the Power resistor,
I found supplier here but not sure this is the right one
3W wirewound resistor

Anyone know this is right Power resistor to be replace for 610T on V2.
I replaced the resistor and replaced new tube in V4 using the old V4 tube into V2, the last V2 was shorted, but i forgot to identify matching, V4 to V2 , so after powering V4 glow strong Red light across the plate , then it blew the V4 and all the resistors in V2 and V4 . Now i have it replaced but need to check making sure V2 and V4 must match , that i need to bring to my friend place to set , as i do not have the equipment , probably need to buy one. Any one have any solution to this, was it the new Tube not matching problem after i replaced the resistor , all measuring on the resistor matches all others ARC original resistor. After listening to ARC for 10 months as compare to Krell , Krell is so much lesser in music .
Thanks looking forward to get your advise.