Audio Research 150.2 Tri-Path amp opinions?

Anyone out there with thoughts on Audio Research's 150.2 Tri-Path amplifier? Strengths or weaknesses?


Hi Beatlebum

I just purchased the ARC 150.2 amp, last week. Needless to say my experience as yet is very limited; however for what it's worth here goes.

I upgraded from the ARC D-130 and my first shock was when I went to pick up the new amp, this thing is twice the size and weight of the D-130. While I really haven't had it long enough to even get it broken in as yet, several things are obvious: 1) the base is much more prevalent than the D-130, 2) while I don't listen at real high volumn levels, one can sense that there is much more power here, and 3) the inner detail and definition are outstanding.

In reference to this last point I always play the 'te deam' by Hector Berlioz (to test new equipment) as it has a large organ, full concert orchestra and a hugh choir w/soloist, so it gives you the full spectrum. The inter detail with the voices were cleaner and clearer than I have ever heard them, it was as if you could hear each indiviual voice. The tonal timbras are all very close to natural, and it just seems to give a very natural musical picture.

I am told, that it really takes several months to be at its best, however obviously I cannot attest to this.

To answer your question, to this point I am very happy with it's performance with no reservations.

Good luck, I think you will like it.


I acquired a new ARC 150.2 amp about three months ago, together with an ARC LS-25 MK II preamp, and I have been very pleased with the results. The combination provides a detailed clean sound, with good soundstage and presence. I listen primarily to a wide range of classical music and have found that individual acoustic instruments and voices are particularly clear and compelling, without edge. While I generally do not play the music at really loud levels, when I do push it up a bit, the amp handles big orchestral pieces or pipe-organs going full blast with ease; it seems to have a lot of power for its rating, which I suspect is conservative. I am driving 8-ohm KEF 105/2 speakers, with a sensitivity of 86dB spl.

Best of all, from my point of view, the digital switching technology delivers these benefits in a reasonably sized package that produces very little heat, and at a relatively modest price.

So far, I am really impressed.

I hope this information is helpful to you.
Thanks AEW and Northernfox for your responses.
Decenting opinions always should be viewed quite seriously. I had that amp purchased new. My opinion is that it is a highly euphonic sounding -lifeless and only makes for a good subwoofer amp . A real piece of garbage if you want the truth.
I've posted on other BB's that Digi Amps should not be purchased with an asking price of over $1K as the tech is to new and they are cheap to manufacture. I still think that is correct.

By a traditional used amp to get the most for your $$ if you are going to pay alot. If you want good acceptable sound for the $$ get a digital reciever.

I do not have experience with the ARC 150.2, however the 100.2 is exceptional IMHO.