Audio Research 150.2 problem?

I just posted under the wrong subject, so I'll try again.
When I turn my 150.2 "on" I get a pop through the speakers. It is not loud and could be described as static. Also when I darken the room I can see an ark inside the case at the on/off switch. I always warm the pre-amp before turning the amp on. I am the second owner and to me it sounds great. Should Audio Research take a look, or nothing to worry about? Thanks
The "pop" is normal on some ARC SS amps - don't know about the arc. Call ARC and ask them. They will give you a straight answer. I'm betting it's normal.
A response only "tangentially" related to your question: the 150.2 sounds better if you just leave it on all the time, rather than turning it on and off; since it draws 40 watts at idle, there isn't much penalty to leaving it on 24/7. This was recommended in reviews of the 150.2 & its "big brother" the 300.2, as well as the dealer who was the previous owner of my 150.2; I follow that advice (which is why I don't have the direct experience to answer your question).
Thanks for the info guys... I called ARC and the person I needed to speak with was not there today, I will try again tomorrow... THANKS..