Audio Research does it sound

Anyone with experience with this new solid state ARC amp? How does it sound...and any comparison with others...esp. the prior ARC model

I have had the new Audio Research 150.2 for about six months now, having replaced an AR D-130 with it.

The rated power difference between the two amps was a mere 130 watts vs. 150 watts, very minimual; however the differences were more of refinment and smoothness, than of power itself. The new AR 150.2 is an extremely smooth sounding amp with great inner detail and definition, with better bass control and extreme smoothness in the high end. It also gives you the impression upon heavy complex passages, that there is power to spare. It handles these passages with ease.

The AR 150.2 is nearly double the size of the D-130 and amazingly it runs extremely cool, even after hours of use. It really has never gotten hot, almost cool to the touch. Great if you are using it in a cabinet set-up.

I considered it a great buy, for the money. Typical AR build quality and sound and it just seems to get better with use.


Completely disagree with the above post. YMMV.
I just bought a SP16 and a 150.2 and here is why. I was actually out to upgrade my Sim amp when my dealer had me listen to the above combo. Compared to the SimP3/W5 the ARC amps just sounded more musically involving, more relaxed. It reminded me more of how "live music" sounds. I have only heard two other ARC amps before so I can't really compare them to their older gear but I defientely like the amp in combination with my Dali speakers.
I think it is worth mentioning here that the ARC 150.2 is a digital amp.