Audio Research 150.2 Class T Digital Amp

Has anyone auditioned the new Audio Reserach 150.2 Class T digital amp?
Yes, I am currently listening to the amplifier for use an amplifier for my surround side channels. This amplifier is articulate, detailed, dynamic, and presents a wide and deep sound stage. The sound is very much like a high powered Audio Research tube amplifier (but without the heat). This amplifier is very revealing and will "tell" you exactly what the capabilities are for your front end equipment and speakers. The 150.2 does not have the low frequency extension of the Levinson No.436 monoblock amplifiers. This is not due to a coloration to these ears, but rather the fact that this amplifier does not have the ultimate low frequency weight and authority of a Levinson, Krell, or Theta. Otherwise, the 150.2 is pretty well near perfect. The midrange and high frequencies are glorious. Macro- and microdynamics are spot on. Dialogue articulation and retrieval of ambient information in DVD or D-Theature (D-VHS) soundtracks is amazing. Do not let the "low" price" of this amplifier be deceiving, this is one product to take very seriously. PS: I am buying this amplifier, it is just that good!

(Brief synopsis of associated equipment: Electronics: Levinson No. 40 Media Controller, Levinson No. 37 CD transport and No. 436 monoblock amplifiers, Marantz 8400 DVD/SACD/DVD-A player, JVC 40000 D-VHS; Speakers: Dynaudio Evidence Temptations (front channels), Dynaudio Special 25 (side channels); ETC: Nordost Valhallia and lesser priced Nordost cabling, Tara Labs One digital cables; Video: Runco CL 700 DLP projector and ViVix processor, Firehawk screen)
I own one now for a month, using in a 2ch system. Sounds laid back and warm and polite to me. No trace whatsover of any transistor harshness. I find the strong points to be in the mids and highs. The amp surely has a low damping factor. Don't get me wrong- it can drive woofers to incredible levels. But controlling them is another story. Best matched to a well designed speaker with a simple crossover and fast woofers.
I borrowed one for two weeks from my dealer while my VT100 MKIII was in service. It indeed was impressive and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. However, ultimately I found it less musically involving and became very anxious to get back to the tubes. Sometimes what we can not detect in an A/B audition, gets revealed after several listening sessions, and it can be difficult to describe.
Quotes from above posts:

'This amplifier is articulate, detailed, dynamic, and presents a wide and deep sound stage.'

'Sounds laid back and warm and polite to me.'

Hard to believe it's the same amp they're both commenting on.
I have concluded that, when one describes this amp. It is a description of the source component and pre-amp signature. I also believe the digital circuitry in this amp has the ability to "learn"- but this is only my opinion. I have made some changes and think Neds' description to be more accurate.
Thanks to all for your responces.
I'd like to hear more feedback on this amp if anyone has any. I just bought one and want to know what to expect as far as burn in time etc. Are Audio Research solid state amps pretty reliable overall? Thanks.