Audio Research 100.2 vs. 150.2

Hi folks. I'm looking for comments and insight from those who have experience with each of these amps. I'm using the 100.2 to drive Harbeth Compact 7's and am enjoying the sound immensely. However, the 100.2 runs somewhat warm for my new in cabinet installation. I auditioned the 150.2 with my same preamp, CD player and speakers at a local dealer and found the sound quality inferior to my setup at home. Obviously, room acoustics may have played a roll here. Basically, I'd consider switching to the cool running 150.2 if there is no loss of the beauty found in the 100.2--which many have said is a real ARC sleeper. Any help on this is appreciated!
I have heard the 150.2 many times at my dealer back when I was looking for a new amp. It came down to the ARC 150.2 or a Pass X150. I was able to hear both driving Maggie 1.6's. I ended up with the Pass since I felt it had a more natural presentation overall. In my opinion, the ARC 150.2 is still a good amp, just a bit analytical and forward in the upper mids and treble.

Regarding your 100.2 and its new home...maybe add one of those small exhaust fans on the backside? A friend has done that and they are almost whisper quiet and extract a fair amount of heat.
Don't do it. With your speakers you will lose the magic... The 150.2 is not in same league as the 100.2. Trust me.
Thanks Dlwask and Gmele. Gmele, I'm curious upon what basis you caution against the 150.2. I know the amps are radically different in design, the 150.2 being a digital switching amp. This is, in part, what concerns me as I love the sound of the 100.2 and really just want a cool running version of the same sounding amp. However, I wonder if you could share your impressions in greater detail. Have you run them in an A-B comparison? What do you consider to be the characteristics of the 100.2 which are superior?
As I said, I heard the 150.2 at a dealer using exactly the same gear (except cables) and, obviously, a different room. While my system at home with the 100.2 immediately draws me into the music with an effortless musicality, the same system with the 150.2 did not. I found it etched, cool, and "HiFi" sounding. Again, the room and cables were different but I do not think the stark contrast between the two systems can be explain on this basis alone. Anyway, I'd really be curious if you or anyone else with experience hearing these products could discuss their merits (and demerits) in greater depth. Thanks. Also, Dlwask. Do you have the name of the wisper quiet fan your friend uses in case I keep the 100.2?
I had the 150.2 and it is really a very bad amplifier. High distortion, clipped easily and even went into oscillation. I am being very candid here in my post because I really want to say much more.