Audio research 100.2 cable recommendations,please

My AR 100.2 is currently fed by a nordost shiva.
Looking for a little more weight and smoothness, auditioning cables here in Holland isn't easy.
Top of my list (but currently out of budget) is the Elrod esp-3.
Seeing a few Shuyata python alpha (not helix), go cheap and am quite tempted.
Any help appreciated.
Happy listening
I use a Lessloss cord into my 100.2. But that is plugged into an Audio Magic Stealth which is plugged into the wall with a Valhalla cord. So there is a combination of factors here, but I really like the Lessloss cords. It sounded better this way than with another Valhalla cord in place of the Lessloss.
Thanks for the info, I don't think lessloss are availabe here in Europe, but I will have a look.

If you have tried any other combinations I would be really interested, what were the improvements with the Valhalla?
Thanks in advance