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in buying Audio Research, specifically a preamp, assuming I don't personally favour one over the other, is it better to get the silver faceplate or the black faceplate insofar as ease of resale if upgrading (or downgrading for that matter, perish the thought)? Is it worth bothering? Any thoughts.
This is like trying to guess in advance what a future buyer might prefer. You should choose the finish that makes you happy and assume that the ARC will too.

If I cast a vote for one or the other, I choose black, only because everything else in my system is finished in black and tends to "disappear" in the bookshelf or rack.
I've owned several ARC pieces and have gone back and forth over which is better. The silver is the more 'classic' audio research look, but the black does indeed seem to fit into modern decore a little more. Black is easier to touch up in case of scratches. Seems that resale is not really an issue with either color. The one constant has been that I always have mismatched components ! At one point I had a ph-3 titanium finish, a silver vt100, and a black ref 1 !

You can get faceplates from ARC for all major components.
They are quite expensive. A cheaper option is to wait for one to go for sale on audiogon, or put up a 'trade' ad.
It seems to me that the natural silver is more popular or more available. Just a hunch.
the silver looks tacky

the black fits in better in my opinion

the black seems more common, what I generally see in the stores

I have a black D200 and LS 2 MKII


I would go with the above response, which suggested to go with the one that makes you happy. I have three ARC units (all black) only because my entire system is black. I did buy an SP15 (2 piece unit preamp) that had silver faceplates and I paid to have the faceplates and knobs converted to black, not an inexpensive undertaking, so again just go with which ever you prefer, the sound quality is the same.

The "classic" silver is what I´d choose if I decide on the LS16mkII.
Thanks. On second thought, I prefer black. Hopefully, if the need arises down the road, someone else will too. Oh, the reason? Black almost disappears at the end of my listening room. I don't really like staring at the equipment that much as I listen. I normally turn the CD player's display off too. Come to think of it, seems more magical and less mechanical if the speakers and equipment are at the dark end of the room and do a disappearing act. Just a quirk, I guess. At any rate thanks for your opinions.
It really does not matter in terms of resale. If someone is looking for one and there are not many to choose from, I am guessing, the faceplate color will be less important.

If you are buying new, ask your dealer which he sells more of, or, call Leonard at ARC and ask him. I am sure that will be a very enlightening phone call (What, we have different faceplate colors?). :)
do blonds or brunettes have more fun? I suppose it all depends. I have noticed that silver is gaining in popularity check some of the recent brit amps from Arcam, Creek, MF they all look pretty smart in silver.
The silver or black face is just a matter of preference. Personally, the silver face is harder to scratch, if by some reason that should happen.
I like black and won't even consider buying a silver faceplate either new or used, but that is just my own personal preference
Wow, a response after 13 years. I bet no other audio website can make that claim to fame.
Yes, and some of the posters from then are still here :)