audio resaech D-300 with Mcintosh C-22

I own Audio Resaerch Amp and just bought a McIntosh Commemorative Edition C-22 (Balanced Outputs). However, the Mac came with a warning NOT to hook up the pre-amp with an amplifier that amplifies DC(IE: DC coupled from input to output). I called AR and found out it is INDEED a DC coupled amp. The warning notice says that it could cause speaker damage (but I have a protect feature on the amp). Is this really a SERIOUS problem IE- don't dare hook them up together OR is it McIntosh being SUPER conservative to avoid liability suits?? Love the Mac and before I hook up, I wondered about any comments. thanks much...isn;t problem solved with using balanced outs ?
It could well be a function of switch-on thump or warmup current flow from the Mac. I would switch on the Mac first, allow it to stabilise for say 5 minutes, then power up the AR - there should be no problems that I can see. Set levels low and operate all the switches on the Mac. If you get any huge pops, either exercise care in future or get the relevant switches suppressed with audiophile grade caps and resistors.
Can't provide specifics. But, Mac gear is very well protected, and if they still recommend against a specific equipment connection, I would pay attention.