audio request

Does anyone have experience with this hard drive product and can speak to whether using its digital out capacity can result in audiophile quality sound? I am considering using it to convert a lot of cds-uncompressed-and sending a digital signal to krell dacs in multiple locations. It would only make sense if the sound quality was roughly equivalent to what I use for sources now, which is various Krell transports. thoughts are greatly appreciated.
Audio ReQuest compresses your CDs into MP3s and stores them into its hardrive.
Hardly audiophile, it is basically going the oposite way sonically, (unless your idea of hi-fi is listening to 128kps MP3s)

For less than the $800 Audio ReQuest hardware, i can buy a Shuttle computer, a 300Gb hardrive and a Terratec 24/96 card. I could store close to 400 uncompressed CDs and play them back with a sound quality that would run circles around the Audio ReQuest unit.
If you get one of the better units that can store uncompressed files you should be okay. I have a Request Fusion 80 and I think it sounds okay using the digital out and storing uncompressed files. The idea of using a computer is a good one, albeit cumbersome. The advantge of the Request is that it can be integrated with a control system, such as Crestron and can then be controlled from touchscreens all over the house.