Audio Repair in NJ???

I own Audio Valve Eclipse Preamp, which has a sudden issue with XLR outputs stopped working (RCA outs work fine). I need this XLR out to connect to the power amp with only XLR input. Do you know anyone in NJ or nearbys doing this kind of repair work?
Lots of different google results for tube amp repair in NJ - mostly guitar amps but worth a call.
You don't say where in NJ you are. North or south.
Paul Delgado is Mt. Kisco, NY. Excellent tech.

NYC  Analogique Service Lab.
EBC Electronics in Manville,NJ. Email: Address: 126 S. 14th Ave.,Manville, NJ  08835. Paul (Paval) did a great job repairing my Krell FPB 300. Very professional and reasonably priced. Hope this helps.
You may have done all of the checks and balances needed, but I would advise that you at least check the balanced out against another source and If you don't have anything else, then grab some inexpensive rca to xlr adapters and see if that drives the amp.
If you live in north Jersey try Bristol electronics in Ho Ho Kus. He works out of his house and is quite reasonable. He is recommended by major manufacturers.
I am located in Princeton.
The Manville location by everlyn1 suggested is not too far from me.
I will check him out.
I used to live near Ho Ho Kus and know the area very well. I will call them as well.

Thank you for your suggestion!!!!
Call John Rutan at Audioconnection in Verona. He knows just about every manufacturer and if he can't repair it, he'll know someone who can.
Second gdnrbob's suggestion! John is the go-to.

Adding one more to the list-Dave's Sound Repair in Whippany.
I am in Montville New Jersey  I build my own components and have been repairing audio gear for 20 or more years.  My partner is located in Bernardsville so you can drop it off with him.  Send me a message through audiogon.
You were much wiser than me to ask for help here on this forum first.  I just recently shipped my Eclipse back to Mr. Becker in Germany.  I could have saved a lot of shipping cost dollars which could have gone towards the repair.  But on the other hand, I can get the amp back to the builders specs as he intended and I should have a near new pre-amp upon its' return.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.
What was your problem with the Eclipse?
My problem started after performing "cleaning the contact" on the selection knob #9 as suggested by the user manual. I contacted Mr. Becker, who responded to my initial email, but none on the following emails. I am done with any audio gear from foreign country.
Another option within 30 minutes from you is Bob Backert in Buck County, PA, near the NJ border.

Bob has developed an outstanding reputation as a repair person and honest man.  He served for decades as one of the repair people at a large dealership in the area.  After they went under, he went off by himself performing repairs and mods.  He's extended that to now producing his own preamplifiers, which have received high praise
I never thought about John from Audio Connection.  He's been in the business a long while and sells tube amps.  In fact I bought a Music Reference tube amp from him years back.  I would consider him first and give him a call, or stop by the store.  
You are in Princeton, there is Affiliated Service in Hillsborough.

Borris is a certified factory repair facility for many brands and he does the service for tube companies as well. He is a very good technician.

216 Us Highway 206 Ste 15, Hillsborough, NJ 08844

(908) 874-3799

Blackie Pagano in NY.... The "go to" guy for any tube related job in NY area by most major musicians with their tube amps and guitars... He has dealt with plenty of exotic  audiophile tube gear from all around the world. Very nice guy as well ...
also Ben Jacoby, pehaps the most experienced of them all .... In Midwood, Brooklyn. 
I found a local electrician doing audio repair job in Manville, NJ (near Bridgewater). He did repair/return my gear in a day, and charged only an half of his original estimation ($100). A very honest and competent guy!!!! I would recommend to anyone who need his service. He was doing a lot of repair job of highend audio such as Krell, Carver, Mark his shop.
Hello Bigkidz, I have called you a few times at your business telephone number and left my contact info. for some repair work.      I also messaged you here on the 14th. I understand being busy, which is a good sign. Please get back to me, thanks.
Sorry I have been away with no access to voicemail.  GOt your messages today and I will reach out to you tomorrow.


That is certainly understandable, thanks Peter. Looking very forward to talking!

Are you happy with the quality of repairs that that tech has done? Could you  please share his info/contact, etc... Thanks so much.

I think the OP had his repair done at the shop in Manville referred to by @evelyn.  He gave the information in the third post down.  Or check here:
Update: Bigkidz and his partner performed superb service on my Wavelength Cardinal 300B amplifiers! Great communication, promp return and very reasonable pricing. Fully professional! Thank you Peter!!