Audio repair in New York State

I'm in the Hudson Valley NY Orange County. (near the chopper guys) Looking for a competent repair shop to fix my Harman Kardon AVR-340. Not getting much information from HK support. I've found one local shop that is currently repairing my Denon AVR-4802R, but he's had it over a month and not sure if I made the right choice with that, but hoping for a good result. Meanwhile any input would be appreciated. Of course it would help if I could find a repair shop close by, but if I have to ship it out I would consider that option. Just seems like such a gamble finding competent repair people.
Thank you!
Just guessing, but does Peter Ledermann of Soundsmith reapir HK. I would call him and ask. Is this an old unit or a new unit and still under warranty. That may affect your choice.
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Bit of a hike but Audio Classics in Vestal can fix almost anything."

Those guys are very good. Also try Longplayer Stereo in Goshen. If its a job that he can't do, he may be able to recommend someone local.
I work in Ramsey New Jersey and can do repairs or upgrades. Let me know if I can assist.
Hi Bigkidz, Sorry for the delay, I haven't checked here. Yes if you'd like to discuss the HK receiver that needs repair, be glad to hear your thoughts on what might be the problem.
You can email: sullojames@gmail