Audio repair in Houston Texas area?

I am looking for a good audio tech/repair in the Houston Texas area and have come across Bammel on Walters road, has anyone used them or can you refer me to someone you have used and would use again?
Why don't you do it would be a better question. There is always a slight risk when shipping and it takes time, but I consider it minor.
@inna , well that settles it guys I have gotten inna involved my problems are solved, the obvious will never escape him.
Sorry to bump such and old thread but I was doing research to help repair a Fisher 400 V2 receiver. Is BammelTV the place go for vintage gear repairs? Are there any other repair people that in the Houston or Sugar Land areas that can help me get this Fisher restored? Thanks in advance.
Bammel TV is the last place I would go, follow the posting above for the # and address for Save On Sound, a little quirky but does good quality work at a reasonable price. Enjoy the music