Audio Repair - How long do you expect to get yours fixed?

I would assume that it would depend upon the condition of your gears and how soon you want to get them back, and how busy the service shop is, but how long would you wait before you hear the status of your gears once you dropped off/sent over them to the service?

A few days?
A few weeks?
Or even more than months?

Would it be still not abnormal if it takes more than a month for the service to take a look at what's wrong?

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It depends on the shop. A good shop can tell you in advance approximately how long each step of the repair process will take.
I had a Thoress preamp it took well over a month to get parts i fixed it and dumped it soon after for crappy service.
It takes as long as it takes. With uncommon parts, a repair shop might be waiting for a week or two or more if on back-order and/or coming from overseas. Anything from china or Japan takes a minimum of one month, often two months. 
Thanks for your response.
In my case, it's been over 4 weeks since I dropped them (one power amp, two preamps, and one turntable) off.
So far, I don't know whether the service shop even started to take a look at them. When I asked about them, the only thing I heard so far is that they will take a look at them soon.
This kind of practice is usual?
When I first asked how long it will take a look at them, the service told me a couple of weeks.
Well, I will wait another week or so, and see what happens.
You should find another shop!
I had an amp I sent in for a transistor replacement. An item he had in stock. I was told about three weeks. It took about three months. No big deal to me. He kept me posted.
When one man is repairing for a living he usually has some in repairs in the Que line and not all repairs go as planned. Not all days go as planned. Hope things work out well for you.
I find most places I have tried to get service suck. They have been inadequate and usually the problem was not fixed, even though I paid them a pile of money.
Now I just do not get things repaired. Not worth the bother.
The corollary is a GOOD repair person is worth Diamond and Rubies...
If your items have been at the shop 4 weeks and they have not even started... , I suggest you go and take them back, since they have not even looked at them. Find someplace that actually has someone working!If they had looked and found the problem, it may take awhile to get some parts. But that does not seem to be the case for the op.
It is true that many repairs do take months. I have no idea why, other than the person needs long vacations between repairs?
There are no repair shops locally for my gears. They are heavy. So, I drove 5 hours. That is my dilemma. It's been exactly 5 weeks since I dropped them off. I had an option to ship them to a more renowned repair shop, but the shipping back and forth would have been close to $400.
Anyway, I'll probably wait another month or so and see what happens.
Again, thanks for your posts.