audio refinement separates vs Naim Nait XS2

Hi everyone, I am considering consolidating my Audio Refinement Pre5 and Multi5 for a Naim Nait XS2 (Naim is less than 3 years old). Would you do it? TIA
Depends entirely on two wild cards that only you alone can assess:

(1) system synergy matters .... Big time. That involves all of the interplay among, source, electronics, speakers, ICs, speaker cables, and power cables.
(2) your unique listening environment weaknesses and other like influences.

Without some kind of actual direct audition by you either at home or in dealer, it's just a blind ...dare I say... Wild guess at best, and any opinions capriciously offered up in this blog without reference to the above, are little more than heavily biased personal value judgements pushing their own biased faves with negligible likelihood of actual working for you.

Your takeaway?.. You have some hands-on roll-up-the-sleeves homework to do ....
Good luck.