Audio Refinement separates to integrated? Jolida?


I've been thinking of consolidating my Audio Refinement Pre5 preamp and Multi5 5 channel amp to an integrated. I only listen to two channel and while I though I wanted to keep the 5 channel amp around for biamping, I've been overcome with the desire to simplify. I have been thinking of the following possibilites:

1. Consolidate to an Audio Refinement Complete Integrated
2. Consolidate to an Jolida JD1701RC hybrid integrated amp with a tube preamp stage and a MOFSET amp stage

Unfortunately, I don't have a local Jolida dealer that has the amp I want to sample. Does anyone have experience with a comparison between this gear? Is the Jolida hybrid in the same ball park as the Audio Refinement gear?

Rest of my gear can be seen in my systems profile area and consits of a Pro-jet Xpression III, an Oppo-93 and a tuner for sources. I have all Mogami wire and Tekton 6.5t monitors on Sound Organisation steel stands.

TIA very much,