Audio Refinement Pre-5 or other?

I'm looking for a pre-amp for 2-channel but I'm also into HT. If I go the 2-channel pre route, it most likely be Rogue Audio with the HT-bypass option, but I'm wondering if it isn't easier to use the Audio Refinement pre-5? I'm stuck between going this route or with a Rogue Pre.

Does the AR really perform on par with Rogue with 2-channel?
Bel Canto is coming out with the pre 6 . Six channel pre that would be comparble to most 2 channels. The pre 5 is surprisingly good, alittle different sound to the Rogue to you mean the 66 or 99 ?
Rogue 66 or 99..... yea that's a good question. Whatever I buy it will probably be used unless I get too impatient. If do buy new, it won't be the 99. Right now, I'm leaning towards a 66 Magnum. My local dealer recommends the 66 Mag ($1500)over the regular 99($2000). If I could find a used 99 Mag for $1500 I'd buy that, of course a used 66 Magnum for $700 would be great too.

The AR pre 5 is $1K new.

I'm not really that hung up on the price as far as $1K to $1.5K is concerned, although $1500 is my limit.
The Magnum upgrades are very impressive and I would tend to agree that the 66 magnum is the best value. The Rogue is an incredible value and for pure listening will be better than the AR by a margin. Try watching movies in stereo, I'll always take higher quality over bell and whistles. Dollar for dollar I think two channel is a much better value and overall better than compromising quality for quantity.