Audio Refinement Complete owners: please advise

I have recently acquired an Audio Refinement Complete and would appreciate hearing what speakers other ARC owners are driving with this amp. My room is fairly large: 17x28 w/ 15 foot ceilings. I listen to acoustic "mainstream"
Jazz, blues, 60's/70's rock, singer songwriters (Hiatt, Thompson,Prine, etc), folk and some Country. I like some volume but nothing close to ear-bleed levels. Can this amp drive large floor-standers such as Paradigm Ref. Studio 100V2, or can it only handle monitors????? Thanks!
I'm in a similar boat. I had been using some small spica TC-50's with the Complete. I'm now in a bigger room (14x22x11), so I've been trying to find a good floor stander. I've auditioned several so far... Dynaudio Audience 122 and 72 both had a nice quality to the sound, but really taxed the amp...I liked the JM Lab Cobalt 816 and 826 better and were easier to drive...I haven't tried the ref studio 100's but did try the ARC with the Reference Esprit and it just didn't sound good...vocals weren't as clear and didn't have a natural quality...I also tried Phase Tech. and Def. Tech. floorstanders, neither of which I liked (I've subsequently forgotten what models they were)...I'm waiting to try the Zu Druids based on a knowledgeable recommendation...

Let me know how your search progresses

ps. I used Prine, Lucinda Williams, Nat Adderly, Joe Strummer, and The Hellacopters in my auditions
The only speaker the Complete doesn't like is an inefficient one that dips into the 2-3 ohm range. I drove
my Alon Model I quite nicely as well as the Vienna Acoustics Haydn monitor. According to Paradigm for the
Studio 100 V3, it's 91dB sensitive and 8 ohm. They say as
little as 15w will drive it. Assuming the same specs are
true of the V2, the Complete should have no trouble driving

Right now i just bought a pair of Snell E/3s the amp loves them and it should they are an very easy load,before my Castle Warwick large bookshelves sounded superb and are for sale on audiogon now.Others were Celestion Compact A,and my quite rare ETs (300)pairs. The amp sounded beautiful with these but just didn't have the steam. Regards Randy