Audio Refinement Complete-Blue LED at front ?

I have had this amp for almost six months. I recently upgraded my Rotel RCD-1072 to a Naim CD5i. There seems to be some frequency interference with the remote frequencies with the Naim remote having some minor effect on the AR amp and vice versa - nothing too annoying though.

However, when I push the STOP button on the Naim remote I hear a relay sound come from the AR amp and a blue LED light turns on which illuminates the front-center foot of the AR from under the amp. When I push it again, it turns off.

I didn't know there was a blue light there until now and nothing in the AR manual or online has mentioned it. Nothing on the YBA remote seems to turn it on or off - just my STOP button on the Naim remote. What is it for (just decoration), does it signal anything else happening (it's a heck of a relay sound to turn a light on and off...), any negative effect to having it on or the fact that I switch it on and off quite a bit with the use of the Naim remote?

Does anyone know anything about this?

By the way - great amp + great CD player with my Quad 21Ls and Kimber Timbre interconnects. Signal Cable power cables and speaker cables.


When your blue light comes on it means that the pre amp out puts are activated on the audio refinement. Apparently the naim remote can talk to the audio refinement for this one function. The audio refinment remote does the same thing, but it's some weird combination. Like push the stop button and amp button at the same time. I don't remember the combination, just know that it was weird. the manual should describe how to turn the pre amp outs on and off. The blue LED signifies that the pre outs are on.

BTW, this is only true for the later renditions of the AR. Not all of them had this. In fact, of the five I owned, I think only the last one had it for me.
I found the seven page Audio Refinement Complete Alpha manual, and this is what is says regarding the "IR Sensor and Pre Out Indicator" which is on the front panel at the center bottom. I quote directly, bad grammer, typos, and all.

"IR SENSOR AND PRE OUT INDICATOR: This sensor receives a signal from the remote handset, it also used for the function of indicating pre-out is enabled, as you press the "AMP" button on the remote control and then press "STOP" button, a light blue LED behind the acrylic under the panel will lit up, indicating that the per-out function is enabled. Pressing "STOP" button one more time will turn off the LED and return to the original state without pre-out."

"PRE-OUT: Pressing the remote control of "AMP" button, then press the "STOP" Button, after 3 minutes the pre out function will be enabled, the signal will through volume control and could supply to subwoofer or power amplifier."
Much appreciated - that answers it! Too bad about the interferance but I'm happy enough with the combo to live with it.