Audio refinement complete amp.

Anyone could give comment to this int. amp. ? Thank you for your advise.
I own gear that is more expensive, but I cant say enough good things about this amp. It sounds like a million bucks. I really, really would like to see it's big brother (YBA Integre) with the 2 transformers. For 1G I have not found anything that comes close. Very well built, incredible sound quality for a solid-state integrated, sounds like good tubes, without the last degree of what good tubes do best. Highly recommended.
I'm in complete agreement, I own two Completes. In a modest (sub $5k) system, you likely won't find better
I own the Complete integrated and CDP and I too can't say enough about them. Excellent pieces. Check the reviews at Audio Review, I posted a lengthy one there myself.
The amp is amazingly good for the bucks. The CDP is smooth, but a bit clod-footed compared to others at its price (Rotel, etc). The tuner, however, is unbelievably good, and rarely opined upon. Buy the amp IF it can drive your speakers...the 60w/ch can run out in a hurry if presented a low impedence or sensitivity. Good luck.