Audio Refinement Complete 'Alpha' - New Version

Dear Sir,

I have a question. I am currently running Audio Refinement Comeplete Original version with Usher CD100, etc. Recently I have spotted a newer version of AR Complete. Thus far I have only acknowledged that the Alpha version now has a new chassis, power supply and circuit board. Yet, I haven't so far been informed any corresponding sonical difference between the former and the latter. My quesion is: would you tell me if there is any sonical improvement over the original model(provided that you actually compared the two)? Please share your experience. Thank you,


Well I called Audio Plus Services about this briefly and I left the converstation with the feeling that it wasn't a large enough upgrade to warrant a new purchase. It sounded as if the new alpha version's focus was on improved vibraton control. And also stated it had little more of the YBA sound...whatever that means. Sorry I can't give you an A/B comparsion.
Dear Aniwolfe,

Thank you for your input. That's, btw, exactly the answer I got from Audioadvisor; they also said more of the "YBA sound" (which I interpred as more bigger sound stage and transparent). Any rate, I am more inclined to your conclusion that it isn't much of an improvement as to warrant a new purchase. Besides I am quite happy with the Original's sound for now. Next upgrade will be thus dramatic; perhaps the YBA Passion...depending upon my financial status... as always...